What is Energy healing?

Everything in this world is made up of sub atomic particles, which form energy. I am clairvoyant, so I can see the energy that radiates off humans and land. Energy mixes as we interact with each other, and energy is constantly changing. There are many outside influences that impact our internal constitutions. It takes a lot to stay in our own energetic field. Energy healing removes foreign energy so we can stay true to our authentic self.

What is the importance of connecting to ancestors?

In ancient times, the practice of ancestor worship was normalized practice. It helped us have a sense of belonging, understand our purpose, and anchored us to the land and our traditions. Nowadays, humans are very disconnected from our ancestors. As an adoptee, I became fascinated with ancestor worship as a way to stay connected to the birth families I never knew. I call on ancestors to re engage and help assist in our energy healing - just as they would have done in the past. They show me images which I use to release foreign energy, or secure one's authentic being. They ask questions that evoke deeper internal dialogue and provide ideas on how to keep the healing momentum going. I have a meditation practice that helps me keep my energetic field clear so I can stay connected to my ancestors, the ancient traditions, and my center.

What should I do to prepare for a reading?

Get clear about why you want this session. Do you have a specific intention in doing the reading (help with job, family, friends; getting un-stuck; helping with grief / loss, etc)? Or maybe you just want to see what comes up. Either way is fine, as long as you are clear about what you want.  

What happens during a session?

I tune into your energy, and talk to your guides and ancestors. They talk to me in colors and symbols, which I will interpret. It will be ultimately up to you to translate what they are trying to communicate to you, which will help you become closer to your guides and ancestors. I will record all sessions and send them to you.

For in person sessions, we will sit in chairs facing each other and chat as I go through the reading. You can take notes if you would like, or you can just relax.

For remote sessions, you don’t have to do anything special while the reading is happening, unless you want to. Since I will have your consent to do your reading, I will talk to you as if you are sitting in front of me. If you have questions after you listen to the recording, email me the top 3 that you have, and I will get back to you.

Do remote sessions have the same effect as in person sessions?

For clients it is different for each person, and depends on your preference. Some people like the human contact face to face meetings bring, while others like to be able to stay at a distance. For me, it has the same effect. I am able to tune in and get just as much information remotely as I can in person.

how often can I book sessions?

You can book sessions every 3 months. This is so people don’t become reliant on me for their connection to their ancestors and the divine, and can start to learn to rely on themselves for their own information. It also allows time for the reading to settle in.